Detailer Supervisor – KAC


Under limited supervision, the Detailer Supervisor is responsible for overseeing quality control and output in the Detailer department; manages inventory and equipment needed in the department to perform the detailers duties; oversee all Detailers and detailers productivity.

Clean and refurbishes new and used vehicles and conforms to dealership and/or manufacturer specifications and time allowances.  Assist with Washing and vacuuming service vehicles that are being processed.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES include the following:

Monitor and Coordinate vehicle schedules with the Sales Manager to ensure expected output and/or vehicles are detailed and completed on a timely manner and ready to turn over to Sales Department.

Maintain a safe and organized work environment.

Manages and order all detailing products and equipment for the department

Washes vehicle exterior, cleans interior and exterior windows, and wipes down door jams.

Applies wax to vehicle body and wipes or buffs surface.

Vacuums interior of vehicle to remove loose dirt and debris.

Cleans upholstery, rugs and other surfaces using appropriate cleaning agents, applicators, and cleaning devices.

Applies revitalizers and preservation agents to interior vinyl or leather surfaces and treats fabrics with spot and stain resistant chemicals.

Cleans engine and engine compartment with steam cleaning equipment and various cleaning agents.

Applies special purpose cleaners to remove foreign materials which normal cleaning procedures do not remove, utilizing experience and judgment  and following product manufacturer’s recommendations.

Inspects vehicles for noticeable defects, such as dents, scratches, torn upholstery, and poor mechanical operation.

Restores appearance of engine area, rugs and upholstery, and painted surfaces.  Uses touch-up paint, dyes and other appropriate materials.

Uses proper eye, hand, and body protection when using products that require protection.

Fills vehicle with fuel.

Applies dressing on tires and tire wells.

Deliver, shuttle, or pick up vehicles as required.

Moves vehicles to maximize use of parking space and keep parking lot in order.  Keep both upper and lower parking lot arranged as outlined by General Manager

Replaces missing or defective small parts.

Maintains showroom and stock vehicles as required.

Ensures proper stickers are displayed in the vehicle’s window.

Removes all window stickers on sold vehicles.

Keeps work area neat and clean.

Operates all tools and equipment in a safe manner.

Reports any safety issues immediately to working supervisor.

Take pictures of all New & Used vehicles to put on website.

Being able to clean and picture all New & Used vehicles within 72 hours.

Complies with federal, state and local Rules and Regulations that affect the prep department operations, such as hazardous waste disposal, OSHA Right-to-Know, and etc.

Daily Routines

  • Get Worklist of vehicles to work on
  • Set up for day
  • Process vehicles in the following orders
    • Sold units
    • Service units.
    • Used cars traded in or purchased
    • New and used car inventory
    • Check chemicals and order if needed.  Manager must sign all invoices
    • Assist sales with clearing lot at 5:30pm daily

Expectations of vehicles being serviced

  • Exterior has been washed, cleaned and polished removing imperfections as much as possible
  • Interior will be fully vacuumed, cleaned, shampooed with as much stains removed if possible.
  • Allow window to be cleaned with water spot removed (if possible)
  • Engine bay need to be cleaned and wiped down.
  • All vehicles that are cleaned should be delivery ready when going onto lot.

Other duties as assigned.

Full time position with Medical, Dental, Vision, and 401K for eligible employees.