Acquisition Manager (Hilo)

  • Full Time
  • Hilo, HI
  • This position has been filled


Acquisition Manager must have the ability to locate, appraise and purchase vehicles needed for dealer groups used vehicle inventory.  Must have automotive background with vehicle values including but not limited to NADA, KBB, Manheim along with financial background with vehicle lending values.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES include the following. Other duties as assigned.

Must be able to acquire 30 used vehicles a month within an equitable position.

Must be able to accurately evaluate vehicles and determine value, concerns and any problem with the vehicle.

Recommend sources:   Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist, Manheim, Wholesales, ACV, Website, Vauto.

Responsible for logistics with vehicle acquisition, including documentation, shipping, tracking, and logging vehicle into DMS system.

Must understand vehicle values including NADA, KBB, Manheim along with having financial background for vehicle financing and vehicle reconditioning.

Works with General Manager and Sales Manager to determine correct inventory for stock and stocking levels.

Must have negotiation and people skills.

Strives for harmony and teamwork within the department and with all other departments. Assists in developing a marketing plan which promotes new and repeat business

Understands, keeps abreast of, and complies with federal, state, and local regulations that affect service operations, such as hazardous waste disposal, OSHA Right-to-Know, etc.

Understands and ensures compliance with manufacturer warranty and policy procedures.

Establishes and maintains good working relationships with vendors to encourage repeat and referral business.

Maintains safe work environment.

Maintains a professional appearance.

Pay: $3500.00 per month plus commission

Benefits: Medical/Dental/Vision, 401K, Paid Time Off